ABC Dry Powdered AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball




Product Type: Fire Off Ball
AFO – Auto Fire Off Fire Extinguisher Ball, Fire Suppression Device, Fire Safety Product
Suitable for home, kitchen, factory, warehouse, car,etc
Made of harmless material to the environment and safe for user
Multi-task fire extinguisher ball / fire stopper.
Lightweight with only 0.5kg & 1.3kg.
Self activation to fire within 3 to 5 seconds at 70 °C
Large effective area up to 4 m³
Noise level during activation 101.2 dB
Ideal for high risk areas and secluded places
Made of safe and non-toxic material
Effective extinguish area : 3 Cubic meter
Extinguishing agent capacity: 1.15kg
Environment: -40 degree-70 degree


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