Conventional Panel-1 Zone



The AW-CFP2166 1 Zone fire alarm panel has the following characteristics:
  1. Analogue conventional detector inputs: 20 detectors or MCPs maximum.
  2. Smaller size and easier for installation, but all-around.
  3. Maximum number of bells per CIE: 4 Bells.
  4. 2 relay-outputs: FIRE/FAULT.
  5. High-capacity batteries: 12V2.3Ah*2, over 8h for stand-by use.
  6. Automatic power switchover: mains power and stand-by power.
  7. Succinct functional buttons: friendly user interface for easy operation and recognition.
  8. Fault supervision and notification: inputs, sounder, mains/batteries.
  9. Evacuation: man-made fire alarm condition on panel.
  10. Silence: sounders and panel buzzer.
  11. Extensible application for GSM: inform user anytime by mobile telephone.


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