Hand held metal detector MD-160



Product Features:

  • 3 LED lights: Green (on), Red (alarming), yellow (low battery)
  • Fully programmable for all environments
  • Detects Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal – The MD-160 is capable of detecting all types of metal, both ferrous & non-ferrous
  • Adjustable Sensitivity – Fully Digital Design- Switch between low, normal, high, & ultra-high sensitivity. Can detect objects as small as a paperclip
  • Audio & Vibration Alarms- Choose Between Sound or Vibration Alerts
  • Extremely High Detecting Speed- The MD-160 detects most metallic objects instantly
  • Provides rapid and accurate scanning without body contact
  • Low Battery Indicator- When the battery is getting low an LED light indicator will flash
  • Rechargeable- 100 hours continuous operation on a single 9V Battery Included


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