Product Features:

  • High storage space support typically 6TB to 100 TB and higher.
  • Remote control capabilities of Panning, tilting, and zooming (PTZ).
  • Power-over-ethernet (PoE) network switches.
  • Customizable recording triggers.
  • Video content analysis (VCA). This can be used to automatically find and track a person or vehicle.
  • Behavior analysis to spot suspicious behavior, intrusion detection, or detect other security breaches.
  • Video compression schemas.
  • High-resolution recording at 1080P with great picture clarity.
  • Multiple camera connections.
  • Hybrid functionality, connecting to both analog and digital cameras.
  • Multi-channel synchronous playback, typically 4-channel for basic NVR models and 16-channel for higher-end units.
  • Audio exception, which detects sudden increase or decrease of sound intensity.


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